How to Be Single & Satisfied

6 thoughts on “How to Be Single & Satisfied”

  1. Thanks for your courage in posting this and for your wisdom, Hunter. Yes, contentment is a choice. It’s great to live free having chosen it.

  2. This is really good brother! “Tough love isn’t a fun thing to hear but you need to buck up and accept the real promises that are in front of you.” That’s wisdom right there bro.

  3. “Contentment is a decision, not a feeling. It’s a determination to be satisfied with what God has given you today.” This is so good, Hunter! Thanks for being brave and sharing all this wisdom!

  4. Gosh, it feels like I’m reading my own thoughts here. Wow. How honest. I thank God for His grace in my life. He’s enough for me. Whoever comes along is a bonus.

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