Influenced by Shane Claiborne: Irresistible Revolution and Beyond

7 thoughts on “Influenced by Shane Claiborne: Irresistible Revolution and Beyond”

  1. I felt like I was losing my faith to social issues. I was angry with and hurt by the “church.” It was easy for me to talk about “love” and “feeding the hungry” and all that jazz, but it was very hard for me to call myself a Christian or even mention Jesus without giving a huge disclaimer. And while church may have many apologies to make, I definately had a problem. There was something wrong there. So I guess the book did the opposite for me. I gained the courage to freely speak the name of Jesus again and not give a hoot. Yeah, I might have bought into a little bit of hype for a while… but I had rushed through this door and I didn’t have the option of going back. The hype faded and I was left with Jesus. Which is pretty rad. Because Jesus is amaizing like that.

  2. The Jesus revolution is always going to be both a challenge, and worth doing, once you are in it. Sounds like a book worth reading,a nd a challenge worth taking.

  3. I recommend a much more biblical review of the content of Shane’s book:

    I was very surprised to see that Jim Wallis wrote the forward to the book. Isn’t he the very liberal “Christian” guy who edits “Sojourner” magazine and supports abortion and the gay agenda?

  4. The Irresistible Revolution is an amazing book, and Shane Claiborne is an amazing guy. Reading that book changed my life and helped me realize my call to missions. I’m glad you joined in the movement, and highly recommend this book to any readers.

  5. eugen, i think u missed the point the object is not so support the agendas of those who sin but rather to show them the love of jesus in hopes they will see the light of christ through ourselves.

    reading the irresistibe revolution has had an huge impact on my life and my walk with jesus christ. it really gave me hope for a new way to veiw the church

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