Voices in Culture: Ever Stays Red Interview

4 thoughts on “Voices in Culture: Ever Stays Red Interview”

  1. Great article! I heard of Ever Stays Red a while ago through a friend named Justin and then actually heard them in concert a number of months ago and they’ve been my top-played artist since. Not only do they sound great, but their message is so strong, so clear. It’s impossible to not like it!

  2. Thanks for introducing me to this band! Rarely do I stumble across a band that just immediately grabs me and refuses to let go…but I’m totally falling in love with their sound and the emotion that they portray! Love ’em!!!

  3. I’ve never heard Anberlin called a secular band before…especially since they’re all Christians and are on a Christian label. But thanks for tipping me off to this band! Really love their sound.

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