Book Review: Jesus Wants To Save Christians

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Jesus Wants To Save Christians”

  1. I am a new reader to Wrecked, but I absolutely love it, and love this review.

    I’m in the third chapter of Bell’s book right now. I agree with Vince that Bell states his case very well and he opens eyes in this day and age to see that Christianity is not synonymous with America. In fact, America’s empire behaviours are pretty anti-redemption, sharing, caring for your neighbor. Oh if the Western church would rise up today to believe in our true mission to care for those in need and thereby become One Body, as Jesus said!

    Also, the cover is fun because it actually spells something, but you have to look closely. 😉 Which goes with the book’s theme.

    Finally, Bell’s co-author is Don Golden, senior VP of church engagement at World Relief. If you don’t know anything about World Relief, look them up. Now. They are a wonderful organization doing everything from disaster response, to microfinance and helping refugees. One of my good friends interned with World Relief this summer helping refugees adapt to life in the U.S., and it was absolutely brilliant! This is the work of the church, my friends.

    Thanks for the review, Vince!

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