The Truth About Cheerleaders: Why we need encouragement

4 thoughts on “The Truth About Cheerleaders: Why we need encouragement”

  1. Jason: You are certainly a great cheerleader, a wonderful and loving father and someone I enjoy talking to and working with.

  2. YAY! You’re among the elite. (a published article)

    Good job Jason. I liked the article very much and agree that EVERYONE needs cheerleaders.

  3. Friend was sharing about a Kevin Lehman (?) book she was reading and the difference between praising and encouraging. If I heard right, praise is for God and the rest of us need encouragement. It clicked with me. I am digging it as mom.

  4. I was looking on an encouraging word to give to my cheerleading squad and found this article. It was a good word for them to hear and bring it back that we all need to be cheerleaders.

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