Dear Bible Study Ladies

4 thoughts on “Dear Bible Study Ladies”

  1. Soooo thankful I’m a Bible study guys. We never struggle with this kind of thing. 😉

    On a serious note, though, your friend’s story is heartbreaking and, unfortunately I fear, all too common. It is interesting how I’ve noticed, even in my own life, the assumptions I make about a person simply because I meet them in church.

    Automatically we assume that they think like us, have similar backgrounds, believe the same things about the same people, etc.

    Of course, the biggest problem here isn’t who the women dislike or what they said necessarily – but the fact that our churches have ingrained in us an inherent sense of us vs. them and provided the environment to foster a mentality of being separated judges of the world rather than engaged lovers of it (in the name of Jesus).

    Thanks for sharing.

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