Reckless Communion: Exploring the Eucharist

3 thoughts on “Reckless Communion: Exploring the Eucharist”

  1. i’ve grown content with letting this sacrament remain a mystery rather than engaging the “communal” facet of it, so thank you for your beautifully written and timely published thoughts.

  2. If I’ve ever felt guilt during comm(and I have,) it has been the guilt of knowing that I don’t have a clue about the true significance in that which I am, probably cavalierly, partaking of. That, at times, has felt “reckless” to me. I like the thought of the recklessnes you advocate much better.

    Thank you for exploring this subject.

  3. I used to cry every time I took communion. I could sense the death of Christ that we were proclaiming “until he comes again.” I want that again.

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