The Secret Behind My Scars: Self-Harm

3 thoughts on “The Secret Behind My Scars: Self-Harm”

  1. This explains what I’ve been unwilling to admit to myself all along. I may have stopped self harming , but it was still there, just as you said. I think that my problem is love as well, I have a hard time believing that people and God love me, when I can’t love myself. Still finding roots to unroot, some are rather deep. I remind myself everyday that God loves me, but sometimes its hard.

  2. Thank you for sharing this story; and thank you for letting the world know that they ain’t the only one (Christians for that matter), who does self harm.

    Many just assume that Christians should be this and should be that and gets really shocked when you tell them that you actually self harm or engage in wasted behavior etc.

    I have yet to discover the root of my continual self-harm behaviors, but it may also have something to do with the desire to be loved.

    Like you said, it’s the same for me. It’s so cliché that everyone says “oh you are loved by God”, but whether you really believe it is another story altogether.

    I believe. I know my actions hurts Him. But I can’t help but to continue these behaviors. Part of it is an addiction, the other part is I don’t know how to deal with it otherwise. Especially when people around you unknowingly just puts you down in a manner that they didn’t realize.

    Yet I find it really scary for me now that people in the workplace knows, and I’m sure you know that when people know about it, they tend to give you that kind of stare? Usually the “I better not mess with you” kind which makes me feel that they are such a fake.

    But I guess, we can’t do anything about it. People like us for most times, we are mindful of how others look at us. But what matters most is how He looks at us.

    Once again, thank you for sharing your story 🙂 appreciate it much 🙂

  3. As an engineer, I tend to look at the foundational issues in everything. May I suggest the understanding offered in the Creation Story— ” it is not good for the man to be alone”, is a declaration by God that He alone is not enough, not all man needs. Yes, He will meet all our needs — but we are designed intentionally for other humans to meet those needs! He will provide people to meet these needs—- And this was all in a perfect world, before the fall!
    Before sin, by design, we all have needs for attention, appreciation, approval, acceptance, affection, comfort, support, encouragement, security. Get these and we experience LOVE. God designed life so these would be provided through other people (Eve) and if provided we feel LOVED! Without these needs being met, we feel unloved, resulting in pain and a pursuit to eliminate that pain, usually through false solutions, lies, offered by the deceiver.
    Jesus came as both 100% God and 100% man and meet both the needs for intimate relationship with God and Man. When he physically left the earth, he handed the responsibility to meet these human needs to us, His church. By the way we love one another, the world will know we are His disciples. Meet thes human needs and eliminate others being alone and they will know love, and look for the source.

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