Closer Than You Think: A Reality About Poverty

5 thoughts on “Closer Than You Think: A Reality About Poverty”

  1. I spent one quarter this year studying economics and poverty in my history class and also read the same chart. It is interesting and I won’t go into my placement in it, but I feel like your article definitely highlighted some important points. Thanks for the article, keep it up.

    Peace, Love, and Chocoalte milk.

    AnDy B.

  2. AJ,

    Thank you so much for writing this. I needed to hear it. I hate to admit it, but I become paralyzed by the severity of the problem and end up doing nothing most of the time. It is through stories like yours that God speaks to me about finding the courage to be a part of the solution.

  3. Beautiful and encouraging words! Thank you for sharing your story! I’m a full-time volunteer in the inner-city with a non-profit organization called Mission Year, and it took me moving to a new city, living with strangers for a year, to learn the very things you have mentioned. My favorite thing you said was, “My journey began by walking across the street.”
    AMEN!! If only every Christian out there would just walk across the street…

  4. I wish more Seniors and newly retired people would read this!!
    Too may just settle into a life of complaining and making nasty comments about how the poor are using up all “their” resources and “should be stopped. If these people who have lives of wisdom and varying degrees of success in their working pasts would just “walk across the street” and share not their dwindling money but their skills and knowledge and connections, just think what they could accomplish!!

  5. Thank you. My husband and I both got hit with catastrophic illnesses last year. We’ve always been hard working people and have lost everything. It was a gradual process. When you think of housing, medical costs paid in cash with no health insurance, sometimes food, well that amounts to $7500 per month. I think it was losing the health insurance that put us over the edge. We’ve now decided to cut out our medications so that we will not go homeless again–we spent from July til December 1 homeless. It was and is so scary! We now have a small apartment, thank God. And we are so grateful. I’m so glad the holidays are over because I didn’t have food to cook, and our family is very embarrassed over our past homelessness and we were asked not to participate in the holidays. I’m so sorry I had to get this off my chest.

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