Stop The Candy Shop: A Review

4 thoughts on “Stop The Candy Shop: A Review”

  1. Love this Matthew. When I speak about orphans I always say that I believe the biggest problem in the world isn’t APATHY, it’s IGNORANCE. It’s not that people don’t CARE, it’s that people don’t KNOW.

    And once you do know, it’s your job to tell others….to use your voice to tell their stories and bring them hope.

    Can’t wait to see this film!

  2. In talking with a participant who is raising support, she shared statistics in front of her church a few days ago. Their response? Offended that she would talk about such a topic in public.

    May God forgive us our choice to be blind and give us courage to open our eyes…

  3. Wow. That trailer was intense. I am definitely going to check out the film. Genius idea, to use story to open up people’s eyes to the filth and horror of the reality of trafficking. I think people are overwhelmed with statistics at this point.

  4. I thought the film was an example of exuberant well meaning people being somewhat misdirected. I listened to conversation of attendees that night – not one was about the problem- no passion around this issue. I think that removing this problem from it’s surface ugliness was a huge mistake. I felt no empathy for the characters. The film was nice looking, shot well and evidenced talent.
    a few things that could’ve used a rewrite, though:
    1) no boys being exploited by the candy man. A terrific omission.
    2) a weird candy maker with pale skin , a tophat and topcoat? Hasn’t that been done? Why so obviously derivative?
    3) the best thing about the night was the gorgeous song the dudes at the end sang and the before and after speakers. (and the prelude slides) .

    I am interested in what they’ll do with the movie. It has no “call to action” at the end. Non -plussed…

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