Why I Don’t Buy Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof

3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Buy Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof”

  1. jaime,

    i always love your stuff, and appreciate your heart. i did have a few questions though.

    the book cover shows a woman’s name on it also. do you think that she had any input into the way that women are portrayed?

    also, would you agree that, as a woman, you are unable to really know what it feels like to be marginalized in your masculinity? (that is an issue unrelated to the article, but one i have become passionate about–what does it mean to be a man in a society that offers idiot men as role models, or men who have become emasculated because of their fear of offending feminist sentiments).

    really, i see these as intramural questions, and are definitely not an attack. i have too much respect for you to go that route. i still reference your work in thailand when teaching bible study and sunday school

    as a man who is a conservative christian seeking employment in academia, surrounded by people whose views on many subjects are diametrically opposed to mine, i find myself as the silent minority. if i relate my feelings of being marginalized or trivialized because i am a man (who, according to many, is nothing better than a constant oppressor), i am treated as a relic or an idiot. my assumption is that this is, in some analogical sense (but not exactly), what it feels like when a woman receives the same treatment by “good ol’ boys.”

  2. You bring up some FANTASTIC points, Tom.
    Sorry to not have acknowledged this yet- life has been a bit hectic.
    I will gather some thoughts and respond soon.
    THANK YOU, so much, for your response.
    I love it when full discussions grow out of things like this. 🙂

  3. I agree – well put. I was also really irritated with his stance on Chinese sweatshops and how they were ok, because then at least the girls would be making money. You’re just exchanging one form of hell for another!

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