A Seeking Church

By Jenny Willis Nestled deep in Palenque, Mexico is the thriving little church of Centro Cristiano Maranatha. Built in formerly Zapatista-controlled territory, it serves a small community of Chol believers. The Chol are an indigenous tribe native to these southern parts of Mexico. The Maya’s main territory was here in Palenque until 600 AD when … Continue reading A Seeking Church


By Scott Molgard There are words which always seem to chafe me. As a visual thinker, certain words bring up images that were burned into my brain a long time ago. Recently, a new word has gotten under my skin. The first word is “Christian,” and the most recent word is “missionary.” I remember my … Continue reading Missionaries?

Not So Personal Space

By Jimmy McCarty Have you seen my towel? Are you finished with the clothesline? Are you going into town any time soon? Are you going to finish that? Organized pandemonium characterizes the community living we have been a part of the last several weeks. We are fifty individuals living as one, eating as one and … Continue reading Not So Personal Space

Taste and See

By Stephanie Fisk The simple life is not always easy. But it is liberating. Simplicity ushers in true joy that can be found only in life itself. For when life is all you have, you begin to see value in each day, in each conversation, in each word that is spoken… and more importantly, the … Continue reading Taste and See

The Nameless Woman

By Jenny Willis and Jeff Goins She was sitting in front of the Banamex, wrapped in a dirty rag of a dress with another rag covering her mouth. She looked up at us as we passed, but it didnt seemto register in her mind. We were just more faces in an endless sea of passersby … Continue reading The Nameless Woman

About Wrecked

There is an unspoken lie that success lies in perfection. That rock bottom is unacceptable. That having questions about the Lord portrays weakness. Even within the Church the facade remains that everyone has it together. As soon as we pull into the parking lot, coffee in hand, we pull masks down over hurting eyes. For … Continue reading About Wrecked

Meet the Authors

MEET THE AUTHORS Seth Barnes. Fired by two bosses. A misfit in high school. Didn’t fit in America, so began career overseas. Couldn’t fit in a normal job, so started an organization that looks more like the Island of Misfit Toys than anything else. The story of what that looked like here.     Kellen Gorbett is a … Continue reading Meet the Authors