Homeless for a Day

By Heather Mason Heather did an experiment by pretending to be homeless for a day and see how people would treat her differently. Here is what she found: I believe that the homeless are some of the most caring people in America… Yesterday I spent a day as a homeless person. I was scared going … Continue reading Homeless for a Day

Surprised by Joy

By James Gilbert Where do we find joy? In the quiet moments of peace and tranquility, sitting untouched by the world? Lounging on the beach of an exotic island, drink in hand and body relaxed? Or in the AIDS stricken ghettos of Africa? Or the labor camps of Poland during World War II? Her name … Continue reading Surprised by Joy

Rite of Preparation

By Scott Molgard I stared out the windshield, the white dashes flying by me like tracer bullets. I probably hadn’t blinked in a couple of hours and my brain was on auto-pilot. My personal experiment into the lethal dose of caffeine was well under way. We had put a few hundred miles behind us, Linnea … Continue reading Rite of Preparation

On the Edge

By Ashley Musick So we are finished. The first World Race is officially over. We have crossed the actual finish line. We have even said some of our dreaded goodbyes. The last few weeks have been a time of debriefing and fellowship with the family I’ve traveled the entire world alongside. So many tears, so … Continue reading On the Edge

Kicked Loose

By Sarah Bullers Frustrated, tired, and dirty, I wearily climbed over the boundary ropes, and made my way to the canyon ledge. I sat down and dangled my feet over the cliff, knocking a few small rocks free. I watched as they fell, momentum dragging them, faster and faster, until they blended with the sky, … Continue reading Kicked Loose

Am I Dreaming?

By Stephanie Fisk I want to share a dream that I had last night. In my dream, I was at a talent show. Every act was a little different, but they all focused around song and dance. So, earlier in the day, for some reason, I had signed up to perform a ballet routine at … Continue reading Am I Dreaming?