Homeless for a Day

3 thoughts on “Homeless for a Day”

  1. wow! that is so amazing…it still blows my mind that Americans, who have everything, would walk by a homeless person on the street and think nothing of it, while someone who has nothing, would give you their sandwhich. what is the world coming to??!!

  2. i dont think that is funny to see what it is like and be homeless for a day b/c people actually live on the streets not for a day actually for like there whole life thank you for taking the time out and listing to me byw

  3. hi heather,
    I have no idea when you posted this article but I just saw it today.appreciate your candid effort to find out something more about people thrown out of their possessions.it’s a terrible tragedy to happen to anyone.the whole world is so unstable that anytime sooner averyone will be jobless and homeless.
    the strongest country on earth having this much problems is unbelievable.but it happens.
    when you lose everything and when you dont have anything of your own people realise the value of brotherhood and value of humanity.it’s a common bond.when there are possessions your greed overcomes you and people turn a blind eye to those who are in need.
    keep up your good work and best regards.

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