Consumer Churches and Marketable Christianity

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  1. So what is the answer here? Is the cosmic answer since the beginning of time: “You’re doing it wrong”? Why is this so hard? Surely the key lies in the fact that we still can’t get it right. What is that key? Is it sin? So that’s the answer? That we are all so full of sin no one gets it right. You there, voicing your thoughts on scripture? Sin. You there, writing a book on how to study Acts? Sin. You taking the Bible literally…wrong. You there not reading the Bible every day…wrong. What I’m getting at is that everything we do can be called out as the wrong way. Why are we doing that? Of course, we are consumed by anxiety. The cost of getting this “wrong” is pretty high, isn’t it? So quick someone figure out how to do it right!! But think of the countless ways people have interpreted the Bible and scripture and how many ways people have felt it is supposed to be carried out in daily life. Why would God allow all of that?

    It can’t be this simple: but are we just making it too hard?

    I NEED to hear others views on scripture…sometimes I just don’t understand. What am I to make of this? Why was this book written? What is the gist of this passage? Every once in a while, i daydream that God says “Sweetie, relax. You’re making this too hard. If it says I love you, then what do you think you should be doing with your life?” And then at times I see the image from the OBEY poster…staring at me with intense eyes expecting me to pour over the Bible and realize that he has called us to a hard life, full of pain and sacrifice and I better get it right. Oh, and be sure to get others to sign up for this “good news!”

    I know this is a rambling post, possibly makes no sense at all. But I’m struggling mightily with this right now. There are so many negative voices out there. Within Christianity. Everything is wrong. So what exactly is right?

    We all have different world views, don’t we? Is that Good or Evil? Could that be part of God’s plan?

  2. Lisa Jo,

    I feel your pain. Nothing is as it seems. I sometimes feel like Neo in the Matrix after swallowing the little pill – once you see the church for what it has become, you can’t go back. The answer is not a bigger and better church but a deeper, personal relationship with Christ. That scares the church because it decentralizes authority and elevates the priesthood of the believer above the power of our clergy. A true ekklesia is a community of believers that commune daily with God and let his word impact every aspect of their lives, not a group of pew potatoes that show up every Sunday at 11:00 am for a worship experience.

  3. There are more layers and levels of understanding the Gospel than you may realize. Remember that life on planet earth has not always involved The Golden Arches with all our conveniences. 150 years ago life was extremely difficult. Today’s American response to salvation is “saved from what”? My advise is to forget everything you thought you ever knew about God and salvation and Christianity in general. Once you realize that “Bible Times” didn’t start the day you first picked up your bible then you’ll relax a little. Changes today pale in comparison to the whoppers that started long ago shortly after the Apostles left the stage. Paul even warned us about the Apostasy to come and that was nearly 2000 years ago.
    The information age & we’re still so confused? A few things I can type in the Google Search-Bar: Origin of the Trinity doctrine—–RESULTS::: Nicene Creed 325 aka First Ecumenical Council. Boy, that was simple wasn’t it? Now how come my pastor couldn’t do a search like that to really know where his beliefs originated? Oh, it’s because he’s still studying our community’s Ethnic ratio and why is it that in a 5 mile radius with 28000 people his church only has approx 25-45 members—-‘Cause that’s where his heart is. Above everything else READ YOUR BIBLE!!! Even if you never darken the doors of a church, pray to God to reveal his word to you and you are Guaranteed results. Every labeled denomination in the world is stained with traces of the Apostasy (The Great Falling Away) Even Apostolics that have the correct mode for salvation are in terrible error when it comes to “tithing & catholic holidays & so much more” They just don’t realize how right they are when it comes to salvation compared to any other known denomination.
    352.342.1384 for details- You can even text my cell number if you prefer- Adam

  4. Dear Aaron, My husband and I thought very much as you do and thought ministry would be the only way to effect change. I’m almost certain that you’re disillusionment will only continue to grow until one day you must decide to join the Borg and assimilate, or leave the church for the wilderness. Financial security may be a looming concern for you should you consider a life outside of “paid ministry”. Should you trust the Lord enough to leave the broken, man-made system we call “church”, you will have plenty of time on your hands to see that the “cult-like” system you have been living under, goes far beyond niche study bibles. I would lovingly ask that before you put yourself (and your family?) through the Matrix that you read Pagan Christianity (Viola & Barna) and read anything from Wayne Jacobson (sp).
    Life on the outside isn’t as easy as the cloistered life of the Western evangelical, but it is real. Best of luck!

  5. Christin,

    Thanks for the tip. I just picked up Viola’s “Reimagining Church” and couldn’t put it down. It gave voice to all the doubts that haunted my churchgoing experience.

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