My Epistle to the Church: From Bitterness to Forgiveness

3 thoughts on “My Epistle to the Church: From Bitterness to Forgiveness”

  1. Love this, Brooke. super true. My idealistic soul longs for the church (and myself) to be ALL good. Reality says it won’t happen until we get to heaven… but I love how Jesus uses everything – even the bad – as you said “to be a launching pad for something incredible”…

  2. should read the book unchristian it says jesus can transform us into something resemble of His self otherwise good post!!!!!

  3. WOW!!!!! For a minute there I thought that I wrote this and was suprise to see your name. Thank you for allowing me to realize that I’m not alone. Thank you for helping me to realize that there is HOPE for me and my CHURCH. I pray that so many more people read this and be blessed like I was.



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