Unity in the Body of Christ: Inside and outside of church

6 thoughts on “Unity in the Body of Christ: Inside and outside of church”

  1. This is a great article. Please consider writing one about love. I am watching ministerial friends involved in a political church “disagreement” and I am not seeing the love. As we were “sharing” about the situation I had to admit that I don’t know what love would look like in a church dispute. I have never personally seen love play out, I have only seen power moves. I know it is possible, but I have not seen it.

    You have come very close to touching on it here and I think you could do the topic justice. Part two?

  2. It is very applicable in our time today, even inside the church, most of the people are craving to have this “unity”. We are trying to be united inside the church, but due to some individual differences and personal conflict that arises among members, unity seems impossible to see. We all know that the ultimate requisites to be united is Jesus alone! We need to be humble and live as Jesus did.

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