Author Interview: Serena Woods of Grace is for Sinners

7 thoughts on “Author Interview: Serena Woods of Grace is for Sinners”

  1. Coming from a traditional church background this book turned my “solid belief system” in circles. I agree with Mariah, Grace Is For Sinners challenged me to see myself for what I have really been and challenged me to look at others through God”s eyes. It”s a message, a great story, and a great read!

  2. I have not read your book, only the review, however, I am familiar with the circumstances. My only thought is, be careful not to become the same kind of christian you are writing about, and always remember, Jesus died for all of us, He alone paid the price for our sins! Thank you Jesus!
    Church is a house for sinners, not a museum for saints, even those who think they are, they were still born into sin! Some of us have failed more than others, and for this, I thank God we are the ones more easy to forgive those who fall (into sin). I pray God will heal your hurts as He alone can do, not the people at church.

  3. Top five misconceptions about ”Grace Is For Sinners” from people who have not read the book:

    5) it is an attack on ”Christians”
    4) it is a sob story
    3) it is condemnation for the other characters in the story
    2) it is a list of justifications
    1) it is a written solicitation for pity

    Five things that ”Grace Is For Sinners” IS:

    5) an in depth/narrated Bible study about grace
    4) 126 scriptures illuminating why we do what we do and what we should actually be doing
    3) a challenge to the ”victim” mentality
    2) a show and tell of why excuses are detrimental to your spiritual well-being
    1) a written account of the life saving power of the grace of Jesus (for adulterers and religious bullies alike)

  4. I”m reading it, and I don”t think that it”s a bash on Christians or the church. It”s an honest account of one woman”s sin, the embarrassing mistakes that Christians make in the name of God, and how they both need grace.

  5. i have read the book and it is amazing! life changing! while a broken girl was molded into an amazing woman God is using, she kept track of the horror and sin she had in her life and watched as she wronged and was wronged. she then turned that life story and lesson into a handbook on how we really should live as christians from a SOUND biblical point of view. if we say thats wrong we are questioning the word of God. are you that bold? i tell everyone about this book and will continue to do so. if you haven’t read it i urge you to do so. get your heart ready…God WILL deal with you while reading…and it’s worth every tear!

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