Faith, Hope, and Love in the 21st Century: A Manifesto?

4 thoughts on “Faith, Hope, and Love in the 21st Century: A Manifesto?”

  1. mmmmmm good stuff. It sort of seems inevitable we are stripping down all the hype and going back to the simplicity of what it really means to follow Jesus. Living love. There’s an overabundance of “knowledge” without action, and people are getting tired of it. One step and a time. Thanks for capturing this hopeful change Jeff.

  2. Jeff,

    Beautifully crafted and wonderfully compelling. Thanks for the way you engage believers and skeptics with the hope of heaven.

  3. Thanks for this Jeff. I especially like the ways you suggest to make faith, hope, and love tangible. These are the meaningful expressions of spirit. Love the links to my buddies Jesse and John

  4. I think you’re right on Jeff. A lot of young adults, especially due to the information & internet revolution have extraordinary capacity for creativity and individualism on a scale never seen before in the history of the universe (except maybe in the garden…who knows). The next generation will have even more information and more freedom to create and innovate who they are, what they care about, and what they will spend their lives doing.

    If the church does not catch wind on the rising tide of individual creativity and create a human ecology that is sustainable instead of one that looks only for a specific set of giftings, callings, abilities, etc. then the ensuing generations will continue to lose more and more interest in the church and what it has to offer.

    The institution of christianity has to adopt freedom to be creative and find individual leadership and expression rather than looking for the same authoritarian structure that has existed for millennia. We also need leaders who have innovated and re-created themselves and can help others walk through the process of discovering who they really and who they want to become.

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