Is Missions Mandatory?

2 thoughts on “Is Missions Mandatory?”

  1. “Others will be stirred to ask, “How we sell today”s youth on this urgency?” The only adequate answer I”ve found is this: We can”t.”

    I think you”re right, and I think that the reason today”s youth are not already feeling the urgent needs of our world is that their parents don”t. Most adults in middle class suburban America live so selfishly. In order for the next generation to do the great things that they are capable of, adults must step up to the plate and show them. The church needs to sell families on the urgency.

  2. Balance is not a biblical position, discipleship is. The issue is are we close enough to Jesus to hear the Holy Spirit and obey what he is saying to us. Jesus owns us, not the world. I have two young daughters. I am not concerned that they go to university, my main concern will they love Jesus with all their heart and develop a life that will honor him and nothing else. Thats my desire for my two daughters.


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