Getting Through Pain, Broken Relationships, and Letting Go.

3 thoughts on “Getting Through Pain, Broken Relationships, and Letting Go.”

  1. Thanks for your honesty in expressing what so many others (including me) have experienced. I’ve been where you are, and I’m guessing I’ve believed some of the same lies, including the one that says, “don’t EVER do that again”.

    But I’m currently on the other side. In a place where I’ve learned more about myself (some more than I wanted to know), but for me, this time I’ve also learned that no matter who will and will not love me in the future God loves me more than anyone ever could. And frankly, if God created the entire world, including me, the way I am, I will never again be devastated by the rejection of others.

    Will I share my “stuff” again and get rejected? Probably. Will it hurt beyond belief? Yes. But from now on I will have the assurance of One who knows all my stuff and loves me infinitely. Wow.

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