The Amazing Sophie Muller: Tale of a missionary in Colombia

3 thoughts on “The Amazing Sophie Muller: Tale of a missionary in Colombia”

  1. I thought you should know that there is an error in the last paragraph here. I lived in Berrocal, on the Orinoco River as a teenager and knew Sophie Mueller. The work she started was NOT abandoned. I returned as a missionary myself in the 1980’s and the work was on-going then. I have returned to the US, but my former partners are still working with the Puinaves, translating the Bible and training church leaders. Many Curipacos and Puinaves have intermarried over the years and their churches are closely related.

  2. Hello my brother,
    I am in tears of joy reading this article. I am a student at the University of Florida. My professor is Dr. Robin Wright the anthropologist who has spent much time with the Baniwa trying to revive the shaman culture and even starting a shamanic school. Today in class he told us the story that you shared here about how the shaman gave her the poisoned stew and yet it didn’t harm her. I had such joy hearing of Sophie’s work and God’s power in keeping her safe! My professor didn’t seem to like Sophie too much as he has spent the last 35 years trying to undo her work. Maybe you know my professor.
    I will be in prayer for those still working in the jungle! Praise God for His power! Yay, I’m filled with joy hearing about it!

  3. Hello all, in 2010 I went to Brazil and for the first time in my life I heard about Sophie Müeller; God, she´s the Samuel Zwemer of South America. Praise God! Imagine, she´s been dead almost 25 years and here we are, still learning from her. This month I was invited to preach at a church in my country Guatemala and thank you all of you for your contributions. May God have mercy on Dr. Write´s soul and may God have mercy on USA, the great country that brought us the gospel and now wants to take it away with all this unholy politics like gay marriaje and sort of.

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