Voices in Culture: Joy Ike

One thought on “Voices in Culture: Joy Ike”

  1. I find it strange that you quote the chorus from Strongman. I saw Ike a couple weeks ago and instantly fell in love with the music, the combination of the drums/percussion and the piano, and her awesome voice. So I bought her new CD Goodmorning.
    One of the main things that has fallen short for me with her music after listening to it a lot (and there are a couple) is her lyrics. The specific part of Strongman that you quote is one of the most irritating; to me it seems banal, forced, and boring. I do like Joy Ike, don’t get me wrong. And not all of her lyrics are that bad. But this one that you chose as an example of her lyrical skill is not a good one I feel. Yes, it’s simple diction, you got that right; unfortunately simplicity doesn’t evince purity in and of itself. Beautifully poetic and figurative language can be pure…

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