Beyond Redemption?

5 thoughts on “Beyond Redemption?”

  1. Sex offenders are still people. Yes, they have commited horrible crimes, but the point is that Christ’s blood covers everyone, no matter what they;ve done, if they are willing to accept his forgiveness and lordship.

  2. This article really resonated with me. Just recently God has put the love of His people in my heart where I see all people as valued because He values them. I have been working in a neighborhood trying to gain peoples trust so that when my church starts up a church plant, they will come to it. In this neighborhood there is a woman, I’ll call her Robin, that has a small cafe and I have been trying to build a relationship with her. So I figure one day I’ll ask her if she is married and she may say yes, but she may also say she has a life partner named Jane. I can do one of two things, I can say “Oh that nice” and leave and write her off as damned to hell or I can say “Where does Jane work?” and continue to build my relationship in hopes that Robin and Jane will come to church and know God. Then I will trust that the Holy Spirit will teach them what they need to know about homosexuality. I believe this is how it is supposed to work.

  3. Thanks, Lacy –
    Our fellowship has a growing ministry to sex offenders. We have come to understand that these men (and women) are the “New Lepers” – once deemed infected (convicted or accused), they are required to announce their presence (sex offender registries) and are not allowed in the temple (our churches) until the priests (church leadership) have declared them healed (not likely to re-offend).
    There always seems to be a leper class, people that challenge our assertions that we “love everyone with Christ’s love”. Theory is great, but the rubber meets the road when someone says, “but, do you love THAT stripper” or “will you care for THAT sex offender over there, his name is Bob”
    Funny thing is, once you get past the titles given to them by our enemy, once you get past the fact that they have been deceived and then trapped in a lie, once you see them as Jesus sees them, there are some pretty interesting, even lovable, strippers, sex offenders, drug dealers, hookers, liars, thieves, convicts, liberals, politicians, and even journalism students out there! 🙂

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