Missions and Mixed Emotions: Reflecting on a Christian Conference

3 thoughts on “Missions and Mixed Emotions: Reflecting on a Christian Conference”

  1. One of the best, humble and inspirational articles I’ve ever read. You blessed me with more perspective about who I am and what I’ve been created for.

  2. Britt, so awesome to see you on wrecked. Love how my worlds collide. I have seen first hand your commitment to the people of Juarez and to Christ as I have gotten dirty alongside you-and I echo your question: what would it be like if we were walking in the fullness of everything God has destined for us? I have great hope for the future that He is bringing His Bride more and more into the revelation of that very thing-starting with an overhaul of how we view ourselves, how He created us, and how powerful we really are.

    Thank you for being a mouthpiece in our generation.

  3. Thanks for that call. I felt you nervous for some reason, yet you had the courtesy to call me. You are a very gracious and kind person. Take care.

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