We Were Meant to Be Wrecked

3 thoughts on “We Were Meant to Be Wrecked”

  1. jeff! this is JUST what i needed to hear!! thank you so much for putting into words a feeling i can’t quite get out myself!
    hope you had a wonderful easter!!

  2. “Mostly, I need to remember that Jesus’ definition of abundant life looks more like dying or being wrecked than it resembles a perfect resume or portfolio.”

    Gosh, thanks for that sentence. I definitely needed to hear (read) it.

  3. I think you are an “illusion-buster”, Jeff!
    You like to “adjust” your perspective and get it back to Truth.
    `The Kingdom of God’ which `is within’, Jesus said….
    is travelled to on the narrow road…of single-pointed consciousness…of love.
    One does not have to become a complete renunciate (give up loved ones and posesions) to be living on that road…and growing closer to its destination – – –
    Oneness with God.
    This article is such a well-expressed REMINDER…..
    to get back to the Truth.
    I’m making copies and giving them out…as a
    “wake-up call.”

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