Shelter seeking

A look on the floor of my tiny apartment and I ask myself, “What have I done this week?” Piles of books, papers, notebooks, bibles…hard to decipher letters…”I agree to waive testimony in this case.” (No.) And a line from a vintage Talking Heads song, “this is not my life”, mocks me in my despair. … Continue reading Shelter seeking

Along the broken road

I love the tag-line for, “when life as you know it doesn’t work anymore.” Aren’t we all a little wrecked? Disillusioned? A wee bit uncomfortable in the way this divine mystery unfolds? The winds howl, the assault continues on an unfortified people, folks are lost and lonely…and sometimes the truth of a loving God … Continue reading Along the broken road

roadmap to oblivion

  Oblivion, noun: 1. the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening. 2. the state of being forgotten I’ve driven lots of miles lately. Two weeks ago, I added 1,900 big city and uber-rural miles to my on-the-road-with-Allie journal. This current trip is going to arrive at close to 1,400 miles before … Continue reading roadmap to oblivion

Bird without a nest

  I am homeless right now. No adventure-driven leap into the arms of a God I cannot see to seek and save the lost. I am the bird without a nest. Sitting here, in an emptyish Tulsa apartment listening to the Sunday morning ¬†traffic motor towards church or coffee or points unknown, tears fall for … Continue reading Bird without a nest


  The Princess Bride is keeping me company in this rather solemn night. A bit of brevity after a hell-of-a-week. I appreciate the emotional respite – the oasis – this goofy movie creates in a week of innocents lost. Monday. Oh Monday. Boston was shaken and so was the nation. We who go and give … Continue reading Inconceivable

Wrecking ball

Yesterday, I ran for joy. Not for a race, time, fitness or some other noble pursuit; I ran for joy. Sort of like Forrest Gump; I just ran. After years of starts and stops,¬†contemplative conversations during shared runs over the Flint Hills, and the refuge of running alone with a God I cannot see – … Continue reading Wrecking ball