If This Nation is Ever to Unite, We Must Understand One Another’s Pain.

I have an older sister, she’s great and we are really good friends, but it wasn’t always that way. We’re less than a year apart, so growing up we fought A LOT, and we weren’t above physical altercations. One time, when we were both teenagers, we were driving to our dad’s house on a cold, … Continue reading If This Nation is Ever to Unite, We Must Understand One Another’s Pain.

How to Be Brave.

Courage is the word on the tongue of God, almost like he is whispering it in our ears and suddenly we find ourselves emboldened with our hearts pounding and our tongues tied doing something we never thought we could do. I used to think courage had a lot more to do with big physical actions, … Continue reading How to Be Brave.

Light is here

Poverty has infected India like a vicious flu, spreading to every part of the body. It’s everywhere. It’s outside our window, it’s on our walk to the train, it’s on the train, it’s in the streets, it’s at ministry, it’s outside the mall- it’s in the people. On our way to ministry we walk through … Continue reading Light is here

Love costs

Today I walked narrow alley-ways praying for women who sell their bodies for a living in India. They were marketing something that looks like love, but really isn’t love at all. So what does this love look like and why does it hurt? Well I think it is when love costs you something that makes … Continue reading Love costs