Just One More Thing

As a typical child, I never wanted to go to bed.  After a bedtime story and elongated conversations and organizing stuff animals, I’d say to my parents, “Just one more thing Mommy, just one more thing.”  I thought that if I could just prolong the act of sleeping by a few more minutes, I’d have … Continue reading Just One More Thing

Wrecking ball

Yesterday, I ran for joy. Not for a race, time, fitness or some other noble pursuit; I ran for joy. Sort of like Forrest Gump; I just ran. After years of starts and stops, contemplative conversations during shared runs over the Flint Hills, and the refuge of running alone with a God I cannot see – … Continue reading Wrecking ball

Why Wrecked?

We were bringing back the location where vulnerable people spent their time. We wanted to revamp a place for people and ideas that wouldn’t be allowed in most churches. ‘Wrecked for the Ordinary’, we called it. Vulnerability was our goal. Our desire was painfully honest Christians willing to be true in all things – every struggle, every … Continue reading Why Wrecked?