I’ve been missing something…something visceral; something that I have always – under every circumstance – been able to count on and draw upon. I’ve looked in closets, books, song, people, silence, and in the battered book of faith that I’ve been known to toss at doors and walls. It wasn’t there. Searched photographs, memory, … Continue reading Rise

Shelter seeking

A look on the floor of my tiny apartment and I ask myself, “What have I done this week?” Piles of books, papers, notebooks, bibles…hard to decipher letters…”I agree to waive testimony in this case.” (No.) And a line from a vintage Talking Heads song, “this is not my life”, mocks me in my despair. … Continue reading Shelter seeking

Along the broken road

I love the tag-line for Wrecked.org, “when life as you know it doesn’t work anymore.” Aren’t we all a little wrecked? Disillusioned? A wee bit uncomfortable in the way this divine mystery unfolds? The winds howl, the assault continues on an unfortified people, folks are lost and lonely…and sometimes the truth of a loving God … Continue reading Along the broken road


  The Princess Bride is keeping me company in this rather solemn night. A bit of brevity after a hell-of-a-week. I appreciate the emotional respite – the oasis – this goofy movie creates in a week of innocents lost. Monday. Oh Monday. Boston was shaken and so was the nation. We who go and give … Continue reading Inconceivable