Who Wants to Raise the Dead?

9 thoughts on “Who Wants to Raise the Dead?”

  1. beautiful! It’s mind blowing to me that raising the dead SHOULD be an “ordinary” occurrence for disciples of Christ… I long for that too be a reality…

  2. honestly reading this story i expected to read that you at least called her back to life / there is a time for waiting and a time to enter in to the unknown you guys learned that you are not enough without christ but you have him its time to release him .resurrection is our inheiritance you had every right to call her back from the dead.I hope that when we have these opportunities in the future that we act in the power of god expecting the things we ask of him. i to have missed opportunities and lessons learned. walk in the power of his spirit- mike

  3. “What happens to Us When We Die?” was a question discussed on CNN December 22, 2009. The Scriptures clearly show that when a person dies, he ceases to exist. Genesis 3:19 shows that when Adam died, he returned to DUST from which he was made. Now Dust is lifeless, NO consciousnes whatsoever. so when we die today, as in the past, we all go to the dust, as shown at Ecclesiastes 3:19, 20. Ecclesiases 9:5, 6, 10 indicates that dead persons are totally unconscious. Psalms 146:4 points out that a person’s thoughts perish at death. So there is NO socalled afterlife taking place once a person is TRULY dead. Anyone presently claiming that someone came back to life from death is either simply not telling the truth or is certainly mistaken. Of course, the Bible promises a Resurrection
    ( a coming back to life) for dead ones who are in God’s memory. John 5:28, 29; Acts 24:15. The resurrection is the ONLY means by which a dead person can live again.

  4. I totally agree with Lorna’s comment about What happens when a person dies. She spoke correctly in line with the Scriptures.

  5. Lorna/Salian – you wouldn’t happen to be Jehovah’s Witnesses, would you? Sounds very in-line with JW theology. I would argue that while a case can be made for your argument, that Scripture isn’t entirely clear on this matter, and there are, in fact, many instances (esp. in the NT) where it seems that when we die, we go to be with Christ.

  6. Yes Salian and Lorna. Good arguments. It is time that some socalled Faith healers stop playing tricks and claiming to raise the dead. But as one reporter said of Oral Roberts: “Oral Roberts claimed to have raised the dead, but raising cash is what he is up to.” The same can be said of Faith healers today claiming to have power to raise the physically dead. Masters of Deception they truly are.

  7. Mr Jeff,
    A “little flock” will gain the heavenly Kingdom, redeemed from the earth, resurrected to life in heaven. (Luke 12:32; Matthew 5:3; 2 Timothy 4:18; Revelation 14:1,3) Others of God’s servants will live on a paradise earth,some being resurrected to life on earth.(Psalms 37:29; Matthew 5:5; 6:10 Luke 23:43)under the rulership of the heavenly Kingdom.

  8. Well, obviously Lorna showed her friends this and they all chimed in as well.

    Lorna, there are too many holes in your theory for it to be conclusive to any degree.

    Jesus raised a couple of people from the dead…were they not really dead?

    Jesus indicates in his parable of Lazarus and the rich man that all who die, whether righteous or not, are conscious and aware not just of their state, but also their previous lives/thoughts.

    Paul says that to be absent of the Lord is to be present with Christ.

    When Jesus drew his last breath, dead people woke up and began walking around.

    Paul says that some will be resurrected to life and some to destruction.

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