Eyes of a Child

By Sarah Bullers There is so much to say about our time in Morramballa, Mozambique, and I feel like I have so little time to say it. The highlight of it all, for me, has been the children. I truly understand now, that to come to Africa, one must be ready to not only fall … Continue reading Eyes of a Child


By Cliff Favro Rivera “I want to pursue my principles of serving others, of strengthening this kind of commitment, and this I could only do by leaving the comforts of my home to take part in the pursuit of that commitment (actively). I want this but at the same time i want to please my … Continue reading Abet

Jesus Has Left The Building

By Amanda Petersen It is not hard to come across yet another voice of cynicism and dissent shouting from the crowd of young adults in regards to their church experience. Perhaps I have come to a place where I expect anything relating the church and gen-x to be loaded with hurt, frustration, and disillusionment, but … Continue reading Jesus Has Left The Building

Postures of Worship

By Paul Stoffer Last month, we introduced you to Paul Stoffer with his contribution “Burns for You .” This month, we’re taking you deeper into the life of this radical who is using his art as an expression for who he is. WRECKED: How did you first get involved in art? Paul Stoffer: As a … Continue reading Postures of Worship