My Generation, Part I

By Jimmy McCarty My generation advocates for the individual. We see people, we empathize with others because we understand (or are seeking to understand) ourselves. We have learned that universal “truths” are few and far between and generalizations are almost offensive (I walk a precarious line even writing these posts). I stand as an individual, … Continue reading My Generation, Part I

Unconditional Community

By Jimmy McCarty Id had enough. Everything was going downhill and wasnt going to get resolved in the immediate scenario. Everything about these people was getting on my last nerve. I dont really know why, it wasnt really a big deal looking back on it now, but in that moment, there was nothing of higher … Continue reading Unconditional Community

Bobby’s Story

By Jessica de Bruin I have been thinking a lot about Bobby. I met him in the first few weeks that I moved to Oakland to serve with a year-long inner-city mission program. It was a sunny day, and I was walking downCampbellStreetwith my roommate Heather. It was the first of many trips for us … Continue reading Bobby’s Story

Not So Personal Space

By Jimmy McCarty Have you seen my towel? Are you finished with the clothesline? Are you going into town any time soon? Are you going to finish that? Organized pandemonium characterizes the community living we have been a part of the last several weeks. We are fifty individuals living as one, eating as one and … Continue reading Not So Personal Space