Poor College Students

By Allie Pohlmeier Last week, my friend and mother figure when I lived in Kenya, had an AK-47 thrust in her face as carjackers surrounded her car on a busy highway. She and her mother, the passenger, were shot in the head. Shot. Dead. Bill Bryson, a popular travel author describes Kibera, Kenya as: …a … Continue reading Poor College Students

A Picture of Grace

By Eric Hanson The first time I met Marco Antonio was when my ministry team was going to meet up with members of the Gods Child Project in Antigua, Guatemala. Marco was curled up with his back to a metal fence facing the street. Shawna stopped at his side and began to ask him a … Continue reading A Picture of Grace

Postures of Worship

By Paul Stoffer Last month, we introduced you to Paul Stoffer with his contribution “Burns for You .” This month, we’re taking you deeper into the life of this radical who is using his art as an expression for who he is. WRECKED: How did you first get involved in art? Paul Stoffer: As a … Continue reading Postures of Worship

Bobby’s Story

By Jessica de Bruin I have been thinking a lot about Bobby. I met him in the first few weeks that I moved to Oakland to serve with a year-long inner-city mission program. It was a sunny day, and I was walking downCampbellStreetwith my roommate Heather. It was the first of many trips for us … Continue reading Bobby’s Story


By Jenny Willis Elizabeth’s mother asked if she could come to our Sunday night service to be prayed over. She told us how every time her husband leaves, she hears a voice and can’t sleep at night. Georgina was her name. She ran a household of three generations, eight people, a rooster, a hen, a … Continue reading Exorcised

A Knowledge That Loves

By Amanda Petersen It has to be the case that there is something pressing against simplicity. There has always been this separate desire which seeks to lead me away from the simple and towards the obscure. These days, the distractions come often, but always disguise themselves as a more appetizing pursuit than my current situation. … Continue reading A Knowledge That Loves