A Vision, Part II

By Kristen Mcmullen Part II continued from Part I. This is impossible! I screamed. I felt so helpless that I cried. In our selfishness, were running for You Lord, and stepping on the lost to get there! Some of us are so stuck we beckon You to us, and fight amongst ourselves to prove ours … Continue reading A Vision, Part II

A Vision, Part I

By Kristen McMullen I see a statue so tall the only part of it I can make out are the ankles and feet. Looking closer, I realize this is no statue; this is the one true Almighty God. His very throne, and He sits upon it. When I grasp what Im seeing I start running … Continue reading A Vision, Part I

Life on the Edge

By Chris Reed In our young minds, the mile-long path down the cliffs between the campsite and the shore was much too far to walk. There had to be a quicker way, so my brother and I set out to find it. In truth, it would have taken less than twenty minutes to hike the … Continue reading Life on the Edge