There’s Probably No God

By Neil Bruinsma As a team, we went to Cologne University, Germany and surveyed over 150 students. We asked them questions like: “Who or what do you think God is?”  “If you could ask God one question what would you ask?” “What do you think happens when you die?”  Our intention was to get an … Continue reading There’s Probably No God

The Me-First Gospel: Individualism and Christianity

By Derek Iannelli-Smith Is Jesus really just concerned with our receiving him into our hearts? Have evangelicals over-emphasized individual “decisions for Christ” and under-emphasized the redemptive elements of the Gospel in regards to social and cultural transformation? Is our gospel a “Me-first” Gospel? A couple of disclaimers: 1.  I have learned that there are some … Continue reading The Me-First Gospel: Individualism and Christianity

Was Jesus a Revolutionary?

By Derek R. Iannelli-Smith Was Jesus a revolutionary? What does that mean, and what doesn’t it mean? The Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary defines revolutionary’ as, “constituting or bringing about a major or fundamental change.”  Today’s  church’ likes it’s post-modern terms and “Jesus the revolutionary” is one of those that possibly gets caught up in the … Continue reading Was Jesus a Revolutionary?