By Mallorie Miller One year. One backpack. I about fell off my chair the first time I read the packing suggestions for the World Race. I was expected to bring four skirts, four pants, and eight shirts for an entire year? I remember looking with disdain at my closet, wondering how I would manage. I … Continue reading Manna

Unconditional Community

By Jimmy McCarty Id had enough. Everything was going downhill and wasnt going to get resolved in the immediate scenario. Everything about these people was getting on my last nerve. I dont really know why, it wasnt really a big deal looking back on it now, but in that moment, there was nothing of higher … Continue reading Unconditional Community

Understanding Poverty

By Kimberly Martin God has continually put in my heart a desire to understand what it means to be poor. I have come to realize that there are many different levels of poverty. In America, many claim to be poor if they cannot buy the latest clothing or a new car every few years. Others … Continue reading Understanding Poverty

Shining Stars

By Stephanie Fisk As I look up at the vast night sky, the bright, shining stars remind me of the individuals that live inside the confines of Hermano Pedro Hospital in Antigua, Guatemala. My thoughts easily retrace their steps back to the childrens ward. Faces begin to flash through my mind. I feel my heart … Continue reading Shining Stars

Unexpected Valentine

By Kari Miller With Valentines Day here and gone, love is swirling in the air, and yet, do we have any better understanding of how to love deeply and purely than we did yesterday? When the people in ancient times asked Jesus what the most important spiritual truth was, he said to love God and … Continue reading Unexpected Valentine