Our Resurrected Hearts

By Neil Schori About 18 months ago, I became the Lead Pastor of Naperville Christian Church.  God took a former partying, fraternity guy who was getting ready to go to law school and He radically changed my heart.  Twelve years later, it still amazes me how God chooses whom he chooses. Prior to becoming a … Continue reading Our Resurrected Hearts

Church Is Simple

By Jeff Goins, Editor Church is simple. You really should try it. It’s Wednesday night when I’m writing this, and I’ve just returned from a fellowship gathering at the house of one of our church members who is allowing us to meet there, even when they’re out of town. We sat in their living room, … Continue reading Church Is Simple

Soprano Christianity: Fundamentalism Vs. Emergent

By Timothy Kurek I often picture Christianity like I picture the Sopranos, separate families working exclusively for the betterment of themselves and no one else. These “families” attempt to have their hands in every pocket, and even train soldiers, enforcers and capos for the purpose of more efficiently accomplishing these objectives, advancing the cause with … Continue reading Soprano Christianity: Fundamentalism Vs. Emergent