Suffering and Uganda

By Matt Kok If we were given a reason for why there is pain and suffering in our world, we would use those reasons as an excuse to not care for those who are suffering. Now, we’re left with the choice to care. The other day, an email was waiting in my inbox. It was … Continue reading Suffering and Uganda

A Picture of Grace

By Eric Hanson The first time I met Marco Antonio was when my ministry team was going to meet up with members of the Gods Child Project in Antigua, Guatemala. Marco was curled up with his back to a metal fence facing the street. Shawna stopped at his side and began to ask him a … Continue reading A Picture of Grace

Poor College Students

By Allie Pohlmeier Last week, my friend and mother figure when I lived in Kenya, had an AK-47 thrust in her face as carjackers surrounded her car on a busy highway. She and her mother, the passenger, were shot in the head. Shot. Dead. Bill Bryson, a popular travel author describes Kibera, Kenya as: …a … Continue reading Poor College Students

The Nameless Woman

By Jenny Willis and Jeff Goins She was sitting in front of the Banamex, wrapped in a dirty rag of a dress with another rag covering her mouth. She looked up at us as we passed, but it didnt seemto register in her mind. We were just more faces in an endless sea of passersby … Continue reading The Nameless Woman