Bathroom Walls

God’s been speaking to me a lot lately in the bathroom. I know that sounds weird. It kinda is. It’s usually in the middle of my nightly routine of washing my face or brushing my teeth. When you live in a house with six other people, it’s moments alone (which are most likely in the … Continue reading Bathroom Walls


I had never quite known distress until I cut my first onion. The innocent act of attempting to make a burrito bowl was sabotaged when the essence of onion drifted up to attack my eyes. Suddenly, I was completely undone. I couldn’t see. Tears came unbidden to my eyes. Forget the burrito bowl. I was going … Continue reading Perspective

Missions Is a Mistake If You Don’t Take Care of Yourself

Missions. To travel around and spread the good word that is Jesus Christ to those who don’t know Him. The people who do this are insane. You could describe them as adrenaline junkies, travel addicts, Jesus freaks, and sometimes even perfect in our eyes because they’re doing something that we both do and don’t want to do. … Continue reading Missions Is a Mistake If You Don’t Take Care of Yourself

Written in Gold

In early 2014, I bought a Nikon D5100 camera with a 35mm fixed lens. I purchased the camera originally for $400 (if I remember correctly), even though the value was around $800. Others invested into my passion for videography with an assortment of microphones, batteries, tripods, and other accessories. The whole reason why I invested so … Continue reading Written in Gold

How to Transition Well

“You’re entering deeper levels with me, darling.” Frankly, I was throwing a temper tantrum. I was angry, stomping around in the woods, trying to figure out where this pent up anger was coming from and why it was struggling to be released. People—you and me included—always want to know what’s next in someone’s life, as … Continue reading How to Transition Well