The Cost of Your Dream

I used to be obsessed with dreams. But not so much the ones at night when you’re asleep. I’m talking about the ones you think about often during your slow work day, the ones that you want to pursue in your garage, your hometown, your journal. I used to live in dreams. I talked about my dreams … Continue reading The Cost of Your Dream

Judge My Cover

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We’ve all heard this phrase before. It means that what you project on the outside doesn’t define who you are on the inside. Because the cover is the smallest part of who you are. I don’t believe in this phrase. When I browse for new books I look only at … Continue reading Judge My Cover

When Tragedy Strikes

My heart is breaking today. I was near tears earlier after reading a message from a friend I made in Nepal, begging me to send money to her so her family could eat. They have just lost their house completely after the earthquake. Her parents both have broken bones and they cannot afford food. I … Continue reading When Tragedy Strikes