Living in Reality

By Seth Barnes, Jr. I sat at my desk in my dorm room reading about some crazy bunch climbing a volcano and roasting marshmallows on the molten lava as an economics book lay my lap, open and waiting to be studied. As I read and watched a video documenting the event, an excitement welled up … Continue reading Living in Reality

Cup of Cool Water

By Cup of Cool Water Cup of Cool Water (CCW) is a ministry from Spokane, WA whose mission is to empower youth to become wholehearted followers of Christ and to exit street life: “Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we hope to build healthy relationships and provide services, and disciple street youth.” Watch this video … Continue reading Cup of Cool Water

Emerald Pool

By Scott Molgard I stared at the full moon glowing, hanging low over Kezar Lake. Clouds above me and the white caps in front of me reflected this eerie light. I listened for the mournful cries of a loon over the creaking of the docks. I thanked God I was alive, what was I thinking? … Continue reading Emerald Pool

Grace for Sale

By Amanda Petersen Last week there was an article about sex trade in Thailand. Amanda Petersen has been working with Wrecked since the beginning and recently left for Thailand. She has been there about two weeks. This is a story about her experience thus far with a little background about Nana Plaza. To many, Nana … Continue reading Grace for Sale

$1-2 Women

By Kim Kinsley Wrecked just sent our editor Amanda to Thailand to cover the sex trade there and help prostitutes find better jobs. To give you some perspective, this was written by Kim Kinsley on April 5, 2006 during her trip to Thailand : As we got out of the cab, a blanket of heaviness … Continue reading $1-2 Women

Pioneering Spirit

By Stephanie Fisk The pioneering spirit leads the adventurous through the wilderness. It beckons to the restless soul. The wanderer finds drive in the vision itself…in the unknown. Risk is not a word that indicates “caution”; instead it screams “you’re heading in the right direction; come just a little closer”. This apostolic spirit plows a … Continue reading Pioneering Spirit