Music Review: Avienne

By Caitlin Woodward It was your average small-town bar. Inviting and friendly atmosphere. The evening was welcoming – its usual crowd and the stage was set to rock… A couple years ago I had met two of Avienne’s band members at a church in central Michigan. They seemed like average high school guys at the … Continue reading Music Review: Avienne

Film Review: Up in the Air

By Joshua Cody Up in the Air bills itself as “the story of a man ready to make a connection,” and the plot is straightforward and unsophisticated. If you’re not familiar, I’ll prime you: Ryan Bingham (played by George Clooney) is a professional terminator. He lays off employees for bosses who don’t have the guts … Continue reading Film Review: Up in the Air

Fantastic Mr. Fox: Roald Dahl’s Classic Comes to Life

By David Roark Fantastic Mr. Fox is a unique and quirky animated film fantastically filled with Wes Anderson spirit. Inevitably, it is the characters that make this film so unique. Voiced by George Clooney, Mr. Fox is a clever, daring rogue who succeeds over every obstacle put before him, including his dangerous escapades stealing livestock … Continue reading Fantastic Mr. Fox: Roald Dahl’s Classic Comes to Life

Review: Just Wealth

By Sarah Fujimoto The Justice Project organizes itself by presenting different short chapters from various authors, collaborating to present a book full of opinions on justice related issues. Highlighted now is the segment entitled, Just Wealth. I’ve read many a books on justice, articles, short stories, numbing my brain on all of their information, specifically in this past year of graduate school … Continue reading Review: Just Wealth